"You ain't in Kansas, neither!"

The Following Information is non-Canon. Demos and deleted songs are not considered canon to the Little Shop of Horrors musical, as they were not included in the final version of the musical, instead think of them as part of the history of making LSOH.

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Bad is an unused song for the 1986 Movie, Little Shop Of Horrors. It was replaced by Mean Green Mother from Outer Space. The song didn't make it past the demo stage, but the sequence was storyboarded for the film.

The demo performed by Ron Taylor (who voiced Audrey II in the original 1982 stage production) was issued as a bonus track on the 2003 Broadway revival soundtrack.


Audrey II Pods Seymour
(Spoken) Every household in America!
That's what you had in mind all along, isn't it!
(Spoken) No shit, Sherlock!
We're not talking about one hungry plant here,
We're talking conquest!
You got it!
Over my dead body!
That's a distinct possibility!
(Singing)I used to hear the people talk about

That old King Kong

They used to say he was the meanest,
But them folks was wrong
He climbed the Empire State

The building ain't that big

Shoot, I could climb in half the time,
But climbing ain't my gig
I'm just bad
I'm real bad
I'm bad
You know Godzilla was a monster,
He was mighty mean
But even I had to respect him
'Cause the boy was green
But when he said to me,
"Hey, Audrey, you ain't all that tough",
I had to show that leapin' lizard
I was tough enough
He said "Gad!"
"Don't get mad,
Boy you're bad"
That's right, I'm bad
So I ain't worried 'bout

Your biggest guns

I'm just too bad
I'm ten feet tall

And weigh at least two tons

I'm extra bad
Go on and bitch and whine and wail and curse
Too bad I'm bad
And if you mess with me, I'll just get worse
One day I met the Bride of Frankenstein,
(So much for her)
Just one encounter and she called me

Mister Audrey, Sir

So it's a cinch no puny body of a bontonist
Is gonna be a half a match for me
When I get pissed
Got it, Dad?
You been had
Oh, I'm bad
So come and get me, kid,
I dare you, try and make your kill
I'll make you sorry you was messin'
With my chlorophyll
I hope you gettin' close to ready now
To end this fuss
These foolish efforts to undo me
Is so tedious
See all your methods are so corny
And so childish and so undergrad
They just an exercise in stupid
Why not face it, Seymour?
I am bad.
(Spoken) Give up Krelborn!


Mike Ploog drew storyboards[1] for the "Bad" Scene, which was similar to the scene in Mean Green Mother from Outer Space, but were ultimately cut and never filmed.


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