Be Somebody is a song from the animated Little Shop episode I Loathe a Parade.


Be somebody!
Be somebody!
Come on and be somebody!
Ooooh! Be somebody!
Now you can't be nobody until you find somebody
Willing to say to you, "Hey, I got faith in you!"
Me? I'm the one, I'm the plant who can reach you,
Bring out the real you that's inside who can teach you
To be somebody!
Come on and be somebody!
Come on! Be somebody!
Beeee somebody!
We got roots, we go back,
We got history, Jack,
And what grows in our veins
Energizes our brains,
Which in turn gives us power
To blossom and flower.
Hey, I'm talkin' to you!
Am I not gettin' through?
Be somebody!
Helpin' ya try to be somebody!
Give me strength to be somebody!
I mean, you can be somebody!