Be Yourself is a song from the animated Little Shop episode "Real Men Aren't Made of Quiche."

In the show, Audrey is trying to tell Seymour that although she had planned to become a firefighter, she has to follow her heart with her new dream of repairing refrigerators.


Audrey Mushnick The Dim Bulbs
People will try to put the lid on you

And put you back on the shelf.

And people will try to put your dreams on ice

And won't let you be yourself.

Come on and be yourself!

Be yourself!
Don't be diced and left over

With a frozen heart.

Frozen heart!
And don't let life
Don't let life!
Give you the cold shoulder,

And make a fresh new start!

So be yourself!

Be yourself!
They try to put the freeze on you,

Cannot sleep at night!

Sleep at night!
But even after all

I've done closed the door

Your light's still on inside! Your light's still on inside!
So be yourself!
Be yourself!