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Oddlilseymour Oddlilseymour 14 days ago


wanted to say that i’ll be doing my best to edit this wiki! It seems like no one or very few people are active!! Hopefully that will change soon!! Anyways have a good day everyone!! :-D

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FiveCraft FiveCraft 30 December 2020


Heyo guys!

Guess who's not dead?


I just wanna give a big shoutout to those of you that are still editing this wiki, even if I'm not around to oversee it like I used to years ago.


What have I been up to?

I've been making custom songs for Rock Band 3, and writing a fan-screenplay for the musical, Chess.

Honestly not too much.

I did come here though to announce that I'm writing an article on the Motion Picture Soundtrack of Little Shop of Horrors on another site that will be up next week. I'll be sure to link it here for those interested.

Again, big thanks for all those that are still editing this wiki. I'm thrilled to see that there are still fans of Little Shop!

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FiveCraft FiveCraft 22 July 2019

Woah! I'm NOT DEAD

Well shit.

Here we are in 20 freaking 19, and I'm not dead.

It seems that we've had some new faces around here, and things are starting to heat up again, so I thought I'd be here for it again. How did this happen?


It's the Cats trailer (Which, unlike most people, I AM a fan of.)

I decided I'd get active in the Cats wiki, made a new profile (Macaviltron) and hopped on there, did some edits, then remembered that I had a wiki to run. So I scrambled to remember my old profiles name, found it, and got back on here.

So to those of you that have been editing, I thank you. You are keeping the Little Shop of Horrors wiki relevant, sorta. 

For now, I'll be doing mostly focusing on Cats stuff, but still reach out to me if you need anything!

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Ccarbe6062 Ccarbe6062 1 November 2018

Little Shop of Horrors: Don't Feed the Plants (Remake Idea)

Christopher Carbery as Seymour Krelborn (& Narrator)

Anna Kendrick as Audrey

Josh Gad as Mr. Mushnik

Charles Esten as Orin Scrivello

James Corden as The First Customer

Dove Cameron as Crystal

Sofia Carson as Ronette

Jordin Sparks as Chiffon

Jim Parsons as Arthur Denton

China Anne McClain as the voice of Audrey II

Rebel Wilson as Downtown Woman

Dan Payne as Patrick Martin

'Weird Al' Yankovic as Wink Wilkinson

  1. Prologue ("Little Shop of Horrors") – Chiffon, Crystal, and Ronette
  2. "Skid Row (Downtown)" – Company
  3. "Da-Doo" – Chiffon, Crystal, and Ronette (with Seymour speaking)
  4. "Grow for Me" – Seymour
  5. WSKID/Ya Never Know - Mushnik, Wink, Seymour, Audrey, Crystal, Ronette, and Chiffon
  6. Somewhere That's Green - Seymour and Audrey
  7. Dentist! - Orin, Crystal, Ronette, and …

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Cstoczyn Cstoczyn 20 October 2017

Happy Halloween!

Have A Spooktacular Halloween! Cstoczyn (talk) 17:34, October 20, 2017 (UTC)

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FiveCraft FiveCraft 24 April 2017

It was red and yellow and green and....Um.. I forget (Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat: Movie Review)

Long title. I'm sorry.

Anyways, I recently bought the concept album of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. If you don't know what Joseph is, it's likely your name is Zandra or something. (Either that or you've been living under a rock for most of your life)

Joseph is all about a young wee lad named Joseph is favored by his father, making his other eleven brothers extremely jelaous. So his bros sell him into slavery, and long story short, becomes "Pharoah's Number Two."

I've always love Joseph, and that hasn't changed one bit. I'm an emotional person, you could say, so yes I still cry at the end. Donny Osmond does a great job in the title role, but to me, I think that Maria Friedman as the Narrator and Robert Torti as Pharoah really …

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FiveCraft FiveCraft 20 April 2017


It's offical. We're getting a new LSOH Cast Recording.

But what cast you ask?

the Encores! cast of course!

This cast consisted of Jake Gylenhaal as Seymour and Ellen Greene, reprising her role as Audrey, with Eddie Cooper as Audrey II (For the smaller pods, a little boy named Anwar Kaheem ran around with a plastic model of the plant)

If you don't know what Encores! is, it's more of a Concert, rather than a Musical Production. So no plant puppets here, folks (Expect for a small model of one). Still, there are a few props here and there (Gas Masks, Dentist Chairs) but nothing to get in the way of the music.

It was just confirmed today over on the Howard Ashman FEED ME! forums, by Sarah Ashman, as you can see [| here].

Here are some production pics…

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FiveCraft FiveCraft 17 April 2017

Little Shop Of Horrors- The Lost Draft

You remember the wonderful cut ending? Well, there's another cut ending I bet you don't know about. Although, you may know about some of it. 

As a early draft, LSOH (1986) was pretty different than the stage play. The main points being: 1) Audrey dies, but Seymour does not. 2) A cut TV Interview (Which we have the storyboards for as well), 3) The cut song "Bad".

If you'd like to check out said script, you won't have to look far....


I'll be updating pages with this info, and you can as well if you'd like to. But please be aware, as this script was never used, it is Non-Canon, excluding the similarites with the movie and Stage Show.

Welp, that's all from me,

just remember:

Whatever they offer you, 

Don't feed the plants!!

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FiveCraft FiveCraft 13 April 2017

Looking For Little Shop helpers.

Hey guys, hope you are all having a great day,

I've been trying to research the cartoon Little Shop, I've found the episodes on youtube, although Wikipedia has little information on the series' episodes. Unfortunately, I am lazy, and I don't want to watch all those episodes (13, just like Netflix) So I'm looking for those who are willing to watch them as well, and help make specific pages for each episode. (So far I've only watched Bad Seed) I know this may be asking a little much, but for the layout of the episode pages I'm thinking something like these from the One Piece Wiki.

If you're interested, let me know below...

(Those interested may get a special "award" if the system I'm researching works out, hint, hint.)

I'll eventually start on t…

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Ughnope Ughnope 12 April 2017


Okay, so I guess I am a Bureucrat.

I don't exactly know what I'm doing.

But I'm getting the hang of it.

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FiveCraft FiveCraft 11 April 2017

The Audrey II That Never Was....

I designed this Audrey II, phase 4 for my school production. Unfortunately, things fell apart (Legal Issues) and it never was made.

However...I am going to finish it eventually, and (along with the other plant phases) will donate them to a theater group. Tell me what you think, and maybe I'll make computer images of the others and let ;you guys have a look at those as well....


Don't Feed The Plants!

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FiveCraft FiveCraft 11 April 2017

Maximum Ride barely gets off the ground

I always follow new movies in pre-production, so a few years back, when they annouanced Maximum Ride, I was excited. Then I saw this movie. You think James Patterson would've taken more time on making his own book into a movie. Instead you get a movie with a good story ruined with cheesey effects and barely any action scenes when there should be some.....

Welp, that's Hollywood for you.

1 1/2 Stars.

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FiveCraft FiveCraft 11 April 2017

New Admin!

I'm pleased to announce the arrival of a new staff member,


He will be helping out around the wiki as an admin.

Also:Admin Applications will be required once our third and final bureaucrat arrives....(hopefully any day now)

That is all,

Just remember!

Don't feed the Plants!

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FiveCraft FiveCraft 6 April 2017

Custom Admin Fonts And Colors are LIVE!

Thanks to some help from JoePlay, a Wikia Staff Member, we have worked out the custom font stuff for Admins, and it is now live. Admins will have custom fun fonts and colors to distinguish them from other users.

That is all.

You may now resume your regularly scheduled Wiki Activites.

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FiveCraft FiveCraft 5 April 2017

Our First Community Spotlight!

I own it's not as good as a Radio Interview, but we made the Community Spotlight over on Community Central! Check it out!

Hopefully this will generate more traffic for us, and we can be well on our way to making a fun and prosperous community!

Welp, gotta get back to work!

Just remember, 

Don't Feed The Plants!

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FiveCraft FiveCraft 2 April 2017

Research Breakthrough!

Good news! 

I was doing some Research on Howard Ashman's Feed Me forum and heard about some LSOH demos, so I did some research and found some demos and un-used songs (Other than the ones on the 2003 Broadway Revival Album) I believe that they are sung by Howard Ashman, unless otherwise noted. 

If you're interested in documenting these alternate lyrics (No new pages please unless the song doesn't already have a page on the wiki),here's a link to what I've found so far , sorted by how much the songs differ from their final form (Extensive= 1+ Verses, Minor= A few lines)

You are welcome!

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FiveCraft FiveCraft 31 March 2017

Go Go Power Rangers! (2017 Movie Review)

When I was younger, I used to watch and rewatch Mighty Morphin Power Rangers on VHS. I owned a couple episodes, had the movie, and thought it was the best thing ever. Waaaayyyy better than any of the trashy Power Rangers that started to emerge (Time Force, Dino Force, Samurai, Megaforce [ACK!])

But this film didn't dissapoint, despide the 30+ min wait for the real action, I really found myself enjoying the movie. Especially with all the nods to the Power Rangers TV show (It's morphin time, Go Go Power Rangers, the syncronized speaking in the Megazord), as well as the little kick in the gut to Transformers, where The Red Rangers' Zord accidentally crushes a black and yellow camero and says: "Sorry, Bumblebee!" This movie was my Childhood com…

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FiveCraft FiveCraft 31 March 2017

What a Strange and Interesting!


You may notice some some recent changes by AudreyIIBot, and possibly at some point, lots of them. Do not fret! This is simply my trusty new bot, running from AWB (Auto Wiki Browser) If you want to create a Bot to help edit things around here, please contact me or Rubyjlp first, (Unless you are me or Rubyjlp), and we can see about getting your Bot on theRegistered Bots list, and you can help out. For info on Bots, check the afore mentioned Registered Bots list and the Community Rules!


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FiveCraft FiveCraft 30 March 2017

Regarding: Beauty And The Beast 2017

Soo, when I was younger, Beauty and The Beast was the only Princess movie I would watch. (Don't ask me why). So I was excited when they announced a Live-Action Remake. didn't fail to impress.

The scenes for Gaston and Be Our Guest are extravagant and amazing, the new songs for the movie are show-stopping (Specifically: Evermore). I can say that Alan Menken and Howard Ashman (Yes, I know he died, they used old discarded lyrics from the original movie for other songs, such as the finale: "Winter turns to spring, Famine turns to Feast") have done it once again. This is easily one of my favorite movies of all time, and my favorite Disney. 

Now, if only Disney would only make a live-action Frozen......

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FiveCraft FiveCraft 29 March 2017

Regarding- Little Shop Of Horrors: The Director's Cut


I'm sure all you LSOH die-hard and non die-hard fans know what the director's cut is. If not, the Director's Cut of Little Shop of Horrors is the original intended ending (That's also the ending of the show musical), but due to poor results in the test previews, Oz (The Director) was forced to scrap all of Conway's (Maker of the Audrey II puppet who also constructed the entire original ending) hard work on the ending, which was completely constructed, by hand, with minitures and absolutely no green-screening or artifical effects. Everything was filmed live and as-is. 

Now, I've watched The Director's Cut millions of times, but this time it was different. If you've …

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FiveCraft FiveCraft 23 March 2017

Look Out! Here comes Audrey II!


You may have realized that your profile now has a leafy undertaking.....


Audrey II has started to take over some of the wiki....

Just kidding, just a little CSS wizardry from Miststream over on the Hamilton Wiki, who helped me with the code, they use a similar thing over there, and I wanted to try it out here. I know that at the moment, it's a bit hard to read things, but I'm working on fixing that, but if you just roll over them, they should become blue. Well, that's all for now...

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FiveCraft FiveCraft 21 March 2017

More! More!

We've got so much new stuff around here!

A background! 

And even a reddit-Discussion thing! Check it out in the Nav-Bar under Discussions!


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FiveCraft FiveCraft 14 March 2017

"Sudden Changes Surround Me....."


You may have noticed some "Sudden Changes" (Sorry for the pun...) around here! The revamped homepage, new logo, new stuff....NEW! NEW! NEW!

There's a logical explantion for that....

So, Ruby and I, are working together to Grow this wiki and I'm working on adoption rights, once I've adopted the Wiki, expect lots of Appearance changes and more rules structure in place. 

I'm also reaching out to other Musical wikis to become Allies with, so far the Cats wiki has accepted my offer (YAY! I luv Cats!), I'm excited to giving this Wiki a new, refreshed, updated look and working with everyone maintaining this wiki!



(AKA: FiveCraft)

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Godzilla101 Godzilla101 10 September 2009

Request to Put Fan-Fiction Bar

Can we make Fan-Fiction articles? On about the TV Series "Little Shop"?

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