Fiber is a song from the animated Little Shop episode Unfair Science.

In the episode Unfair Science, Junior uses his vegetable magnetism on books, clothes, tables and the like to wreak telekinetic chaos at the science fair, ensuring Seymour will be the winner.


Hey, yo, fiber,

Let's get stupid, start a lot of confusion,

And let the people know

That the clothes on their backs

Comes from a plant named cotton!

And in case you've forgotten,

This little seed raised up from the ground,

And ever since then, clothes have been around!

So you better get a grip before your pants slip!

It ain't nothin' but a thang!


No time to be silent,

Paper and wood, get a little violent!


Rise up from your grave!

Fibers, come on, misbehave!

Now leave your dormant state,

Hey fibers, don't hesitate,

Cuz I got me a plan and I need your help,

So Seymour can win,

(??) Then may you duly moves in (??)


Get back to your rooties - POW!

Let's kick some booties!


Get back to your rooty!

Bang, let's kick some booties!