Shoes is a song from the animated Little Shop episode Air Junior.


Seymour Birds
I'm a bird, I'm a plane,
I'm a high top flyin' crane!
Top! Flyin' crane!
I was Seymour the nerd
Now they call me Larry the Bird!
Larry the bird!
I'm an FTD florist,
An RTD bus,
I wear PDQ sneakers,
Leave 'em in the dust!
What an incredible feat, What an incredible feat,
Incredible mathlete! Incredible mathlete!
I've been itchin' for a bit, I've been itchin' for a bit,
Now I've got athlete's feet! Now I've got athlete's feet!
I'm flyin'! I'm flyin'!
Have you heard the word?
I'm soarin' I'm soarin'
Like an ejected dodo bird!
Flyin'! Flyin'!
My head is in the clouds!
I'm sure men wanna scream & shout!
I'm flyin'! I'm flyin'!
I'm flyin'! I'm flyin'!