I Gotta Find Him is a song from the animated Little Shop episode Back to the Fuchsia.

Seymour may have been transported to the past, and Junior struggles with whether or not to attempt a rescue. The song is performed by Junior with two distorted reflections of himself in funhouse mirrors: a Good Junior (fat) and an Evil Junior (thin).


Junior Evil Good The Dim Bulbs
When I think about him

I get temporarily stressed

Look, greens for brains,

Who are you trying to impress?

Don't listen to him!

Remember he's your friend,

And a friend in need is a friend indeed.

Come on!

He's just a dirty old funk!

He puts food in your trunk

And he's over the hump.

No doubt about that!
Here, let me tell you, homeboy

Tell a lotta funk(?)

I - I'm so confused!
But he needs you now!

There's not a second to lose

So go choose!

Yeah, I know that's right,

He's my friend!

My buddy through thick and thin.

Now he's hanging out on a limb and I've had enough of this!

I gotta find my friend!

Cuz a friend in need is a friend indeed,

And God knows, I have a trunk to feed!

I gotta find him!

Find him!
I know he needs me!
Gotta need!
I gotta find him now!
Try and find him!

I gotta find him!

I know he needs me!

I know he needs me!
I gotta find him now!

Yeah, yeah!