Little Shop of Horrors is a 64-page one-shot DC Comics adaptation of the 1986 film which was released in early 1987.


Presumably the book was created while the 1986 film was still in production and the artists weren't privy to the footage. The character's designs bear little resemblance to their film counterparts. Seymour, Audrey and Mr. Mushnik look vaguely like the film's characters, but Orin dons a large red mane of hair, Audrey II has a reptilian quality, and a note under Crystal, Ronnette and Chiffon on the original uncolored board art reads "singers black(?)."

The story follows the screenplay pretty closely, complete with moments that were trimmed (a few extra lines and the deleted sequence from The Meek Shall Inherit) but the songs have been primarily reduced to dialogue, and Crystal, Ronnette and Chiffon have only one brief appearance, performing A Salute to Vegetables, a mock Del Monte foods TV commercial which was cut from the script just prior to filming.

The original ending of the film (which included Audrey's and Seymour's deaths and Audrey II's takeover of the world) was drawn, but the final few pages were revised before the book was published to mirror the new happy ending that was shot for the theatrical cut. This probably explains why the interior copyright date is 1986, but the front cover boasts a 1987 release.


Original Ending

Revised Ending