Little Shop of Horrors was written by Howard Ashman, with music by Alan Menken, and is based on the film by Roger Corman. It was originally produced in the Orpheum Theatre in New York City.


  • SEYMOUR - Mid-twenties, perhaps balding a little. The insecure, naive, put-upon florist's clerk. Main Character. he's a sweet and well meaning little man. Not a silly nerd and should not be played as the hero of a Jerry Lewis film.[1]
  • AUDREY - Bleached-blond, Billie-Dawn-like, secret love of Seymour's life. Take Judy Holiday, Carol Channing, Marilyn Monroe, and Goldie Hawn, remove their education and feeling of self-worth, dress them in spiked heels and low cut black dresses, then shook them in a test tube to get what's sweetest and most vulnerable, and you've got Audrey. Basically wishes to be Donna Reed.[1]
  • MR. MUSHNIK- Their boss. A Failure of an East Side florist. Accent, if he has one, is of a middle class New Yorker. Seldom smiles but often sweats.[1]
  • ORIN - Tall, dark, handsome dentist with a black leather jacket and sadistic tendencies. He is not a leftover from the movie version of Grease. He is an egotistical pretty-boy, got up like a greaser but thinking like an insurance salesman and talking like a radio announcer. (Actor who plays him places A Voice Not Unlike God's, Wino # 2, Customer, Radio Announcer, Mr. Bernstein, Mrs. Luce, Skip Snip, and Patrick Martin.[1]
  • THE PLANT (Audrey II) - An anthropomorphic cross between a Venus flytrap and an avocado. Has a huge, nasty-looking pod which gains a shark-like aspect when open and snapping for food. PLayed by a series of four increasingly large puppets, manipulated by one puppeteer (Who also plays Wino #1 in the first scene). The first time it's seen, it's less than a foot tall, the last time, it engulfs the entire stage.[1]
  • VOICE OF THE PLANT - Provided by an actor on an offstage microphone. Actor must have clear visual access to the puppets onstage so that he can provide accurate lip-synch. Think of a voice that is a street-smart, funky, conniving villain.[2]
  • CRYSTAL, RONNETTE, CHIFFON- Three black female street urchins who are participants in action and a Greek Chorus outside it. Young, hip, smart, and the only people in the whole cast who really know what's going on. In their 'Greek Chorus' capacity, they occasionally sing to the audience directly, in which they wear a 'secret smile' which says "we know something you don't know."[3]

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1982 Original Off-Broadway Production[4]

2003 Broadway Revival Production[5]


Little Shop of Horrors Broadway Commercial 1983

Little Shop of Horrors Broadway Commercial 1983

Broadway Commercial


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