Little Shop of Horrors Original Motion Picture Soundtrack: Piano/Vocal/Chords is the songbook featuring sheet music for all the songs from the 1986 film - although there are several glaring deviations from both the film and album versions.

In addition to the paperback print edition (which has been reprinted numerous times), the book is also available in digital format for kindle. Stand-alone sheet music for many songs were issued with the same cover (including a "choral medley"), and an abridged version was released as part of the "Broadway's Best" series.


The book is inconsistent with both the movie and the album in numerous instances, and the characters who perform the songs are not denoted.


The book mirrors the soundtrack album, with songs arranged in the order that they appear in the film, and it includes the inner-gatefold photo layout that was first featured in the vinyl record edition plus two pages of black-and-white stills.

Song Page
Prologue (Little Shop of Horrors) 5
Skid Row (Downtown) 9
Da-Doo 18
Grow for Me 22
Somewhere That's Green 26
Some Fun Now 29
Dentist! 34
Suddenly, Seymour 52
Suppertime 60
The Meek Shall Inherit 65
Mean Green Mother From Outer Space 76
Finale (Don't Feed the Plants) 90

Broadway's Best Version

A cut-down version featuring "8 Selections from the Musical" is also available in both digital and paperback editions.

As a Broadway book, it seems odd that it boasts the cover from the film's soundtrack and the movie's version of "Suppertime." This time, the "Prologue" appears as the sole title of "Little Shop of Horrors" despite its total omission, and "Somewhere That's Green" is noticeably absent.


Song Page
Prologue 2
Skid Row (Downtown) 5
Grow for Me 12
Dentist 16
Suddenly, Seymor 22
Suppertime 27
The Meek Shall Inherit 30
Don't Feed the Plants (Finale) 38

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