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Seymour Krelborn

The hero of Little Shop Of Horrors, click here to learn all about him!

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Audrey II

Learn all about Audrey II, a plant with a ravenous appetite!

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Learn all about Audrey!

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Orin Scrivello, D.D.S

Learn all about Orin, a dentist with a thirst for causing pain!

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Finale Ultimo (Don't Feed the Plants)

Don't Feed the Plants is another final song in Little Shop of Horrors. It only appeared in the Director's Cut and stage performances, in which Audrey II has grown around America and the world to devour unknowing customers and wage a war. In all versions of the musical, it is implied that the audience is eaten as well, wheater by vines dropping from the ceiling, or Audrey II bursting through the movie screen in the Director's Cut. Read more...

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