There has been a significant number of licensed and unlicensed merchandise related to Little Shop Of Horrors, some which are better than others, lots of them, though are hard to find.

Licensed Merchandise

The Little Shop of Horrors Book

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Featuring an introduction by Roger Corman and extensive interviews with the cast of the original film, this 1988 book also covers the making of the Off-Broadway show and the 1986 film.

1960 Movie Merchandise

Welcome to The Little Shop Of Horrors comic

Released in 1995 by Roger Corman's Cosmic Comics, this short series was a direct comic adaption of Roger Corman's 1960 black comedy The Little Shop Of Horrors.

1986 Movie Merchandise

Audrey II Coin Bank

This coin bank is a rare tie-in to the movie, when you put a coin in Audrey II's mouth, and push it in, it makes a weird sound[1] as it slides into a compartment that you can open to retrieve your coins.

Audrey II Candy Dispenser

At one point, Topps (Creator of sports cards) sold this Pez-like candy dispenser, shaped somewhat like Audrey II.

Story Cards

Topps released cards for Little Shop of Horrors that told the story once you got the whole set. They also featured pictures of scenes that are later changed or deleted, such as the beheaded Dentist or the 20 Min cut ending assembled from the cards.

1986 Movie Comic Book Adaption

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When the 1986 Movie released, DC released a one-shot comic written by Michael Fleisher and art by Gene Colan and Dave Hunt, and converts the songs into monologues. The comic was originally to have featured the ending that was cut from the movie, but it was revised prior to publication.

Soundtrack Album

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The 13 track soundtrack album was issued on record, cassette, CD, and digital download. Most of the songs deviate from the versions heard in the film, and a handful of singles were also issued, many of which are also different from both the album and movie versions.


Main article: Little Shop of Horrors Original Motion Picture Soundtrack: Piano Vocal Chords

The score for the movie is available in both a large 12-song book and a shorter "selections" from version. Although the original songs Mean Green Mother from Outer Space and Some Fun Now are included, they omitted the movie's version of The Meek Shall Inherit in favor of the radically different version from the play.


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A comic book-like novelization of the film featuring tons of black-and-white on-set photos. Includes The Meek Shall Inherit.

Unlicensed Merchandise

1960 Movie

Trading Cards by Attic Cards

69 Cards were printed for this Kickstarter project that featured signed cards by Jonathan Haze and Jackie Joseph.[2]

1986 Movie

Feed Me Game

Possibly the most well known product obviously related to Little Shop Of Horrors, this game by Milton Bradley had players feeding the flytrap (supposed to be Audrey II), black and red marbles. Whoever didn't make the plant snap shut won.


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