Oh, My DeMila! is a song from the animated Little Shop episode "I Loathe a Parade."

In the show, Audrey thinks Seymour is trying to give her Junior's beloved plant as a gift for the Tournament of Hoses parade.


Audrey Mushnick Seymour The Dim Bulbs
What have you got there behind your back?
Is that a Venus firetrap?
It's DeMila and she's taken
I mean, I was just fakin'!
She's for you, I can't deny.
But can she really eat a firefly?
Oh, Junior!
What is this gonna do to you?
Poor Junior!
It's gonna break your little heart!
Wait a second.

What am I saying? He's a plant!

He doesn't have that part.

Or does he?

Oh-oh, my DeMila!
She's my, my DeMila!
How could you put me in such a position?
Thank you for helping me with my ambition!
Oh, my DeMila! Oh, my DeMila! Oh, my DeMila!
My DeMila! My DeMila! My DeMila!