Stage Version

Patrick Martin is a character in Little Shop Of Horrors, he offers Seymour money to take cuttings and produce Audrey IIs all around the world, saying that it will be "Bigger Than Hula-Hoops!"

Movie Version

In the original ending of the movie, Patrick Martin is played by James Belushi, and he offers Seymour the chance to sell Audrey IIs all around the world, who refuses and yells at him, saying: "Nobody's touching that plant!"

Director's Cut Ending Version

In the director's cut ending of the 1986 Little Shop Of Horrors, Patrick Martin is played by Paul Dooley, who mysteriously appears on a roof-top after Audrey is eaten by the Plant, and Seymour is about to commit suicide by jumping off the roof. An early version of the script comments on this scene saying: "We will never know how he got there." He shows Seymour the Audrey II pod that mysteriously grew in just a few days, after he took a cutting from the plant. It is then that Seymour realizes what the plant's real goal is.


  • An early version of the movie script says that Patrick Martin is a Midwestern businessman in a green suit.
  • The original script of Little Shop Of Horrors has Patrick Martin in costume in a 3-piece green suit.


  • When they had to re-film the ending for the 1986 Little Shop Of Horrors movie, Paul Dooley was unavailable to play Martin for the scene, so James Belushi did instead.
  • The Paul Dooley Martin wore a green suit, while the James Belushi Martin wore a red suit.