Seymour Krelborn is the protagonist in the Little Shop animated series.

Character Info

Seymour is a 13 years old boy from Skid Row who proclaims that he has everything it takes to be a nerd except brains. This isn't entirely true, he suffers from low self-image and actually loves to learn, especially from the scientific films of fellow Skid Row resident Dr. Mightus Appalling. Nothing is revealed about Seymour's father, and his mother is a self-involved exercise freak who barely seems to notice when he comes and goes.

Due to his infatuation with classmate Audrey Mushnick, Seymour took a job at a flower shop owned by her father. An incident with bully Paine Driller led him to discover an ancient seed which sprouted talking carnivorous plant Junior, who becomes Seymour's best friend and near-constant companion. Junior's larger-than-life personality and supernatural abilities take the duo on many adventures which the meek boy would not have otherwise endured.



Like Seymour Krelboin in the original film, Seymour is not an orphan, he lives with his mother. Also like Krelboin, he sports a hat - though the original Seymour wore a newsboy hat, unlike his same-named successor who sported a baseball cap (and glasses) in the musical and it's 1986 big-screen adaptation.

Although the little sadsack does share traits with his Little Shop predecessors, the main source of inspiration for the character seems to have been Charlie Brown. Like good ol' Chuck, Seymour is generally clad in a yellow shirt, the voice is eerily similar, he's friendless and bullied, hopelessly in love with a girl but won't dare reveal his feelings for her (Audrey/The Little Red Haired Girl), his mother is virtually unseen (she's heard but her face is never revealed) and he has an eccentric pet (Junior/Snoopy).