Sominex / Suppertime II is a song in the musical version of Little Shop of Horrors. Sominex takes place when Audrey, worried about Seymour, is having trouble sleeping at night, and goes to the shop to check on him. That's when the reprise of Suppertime begins; behind Audrey, Audrey II sings to her, causing Audrey to think it's Seymour, only to find the huge plant that was named for her. The plant asks Audrey to give her water, but as Audrey is about to do so, she is nearly eaten by the plant. Luckily, she is rescued by Seymour. She dies in the musical and the director's cut of the film, but survives in the theatrical version of the film and other productions of the show (school or worldwide). Sominex is cut from the film; Suppertime II begins when Audrey II calls Audrey, causing her to run to the shop and see what she has heard.


Audrey Audrey II Seymour
I couldn't sleep

I took a Sominex
But voices in my head kept saying
Go to Seymour, talk to Seymour
I drank some tea
But gee the feeling wasn't gone
Seymour, sweetheart
Tell me, darling
What's been going on?

Who? Who? Who said that? Is somebody else here? Seymour? Oh my god...

Am I dreaming this?

I, I don't know if I should! You just want water, right? Your branches are dry, poor thing I-I'll get the can Here we go!

Hey little lady, hello

You're lookin' cute as can be
You're lookin' mighty sweet
No, it ain't Seymour. It's me! Your friendly Audrey Two This plant is talking to you

No, and you ain't in Kansas neither Do me a favor and get me some water, sweetheart? I'm real thirsty

Come on and give me a drink Hey, little lady, be nice Sure do, I'll drink it straight Don't need no glass or no ice Don't need no twist of lime

And now it's suppertime!

Get off of her! Get off of her!