Little Shop
Season 1, Episode 10
Little Shop of Horrors Cartoon - Tooth or Consequence
Air date November 9, 1991
Written by Michael Edens
Jean Chalopin
Directed by Karen Peterson
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Tooth or Consequence is the tenth episode that Fox aired of the animated Little Shop TV series.


While attempting to cover for Junior, Seymour finds himself trapped in a web of lies, which results in dealings with a deranged dentist and a pair of burglars. Meanwhile, Audrey decides to become a lawyer.




  • The episode's plot was loosely based on the original film, in which Mr. Mushnick sends Seymour to the dentist and a burglar falls victim to Junior.
  • Although she was briefly glimpsed in Air Junior, this is the first official appearance of Malocclusia Driller, though judging by the way the episodes were originally aired, it's not yet established that she's Paine's aunt.
  • Dr. Driller is the second and final guest starring character to get a solo. The only other non-regular who performed a song was Dr. Mightus Appalling.
  • The Skid Row Burglars are named Lenny and Bruce, after comedian Lenny Bruce, who notoriously found himself on the wrong side of the law.
  • Renowned lying politician Richard Nixon is briefly glimpsed during the song "It's Time to Get Real." Other liars include car salesmen, psychics, priests and magicians.
  • This episode was co-written by Michael Edens, brother of series creator Mark Edens.
  • Although there was always some morality at play in the series, it becomes overtly heavy-handed over the course of this and the next two episodes. It's entirely plausible that this was a network decision, possibly the result of watchdog group Action for Children's Television which, at the time, had been harassing all of the American TV networks with vague and overblown lawsuits.


  • Seymour: Hi, I'm Seymour Krelborn, and I'm asleep.
  • Mr. Mushnick: Seymour, make a sign for the window. "Special on Roses: Slightly Damaged."
  • Audrey: Why haven't you gone to the dentist? Are you afraid or do you have something to hide? Has anyone actually seen your tooth aching? And where were you on the night of January the 16th?

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