Little Shop
Season 1, Episode 4
Little Shop of Horrors Cartoon - Dr. Appalling and Seymour
Air date September 28, 1991
Written by Steve Cuden
Matthew Malach
Directed by Karen Peterson
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Unfair Science is the fourth episode that Fox aired of the animated Little Shop TV series.


Junior sabotages Seymour's science fair project so he can substitute his own, which is a machine that turns humans into plants. Meanwhile, Audrey finds an unusual new profession: milkmaid.



  • This is the episode in which we learn the flower chorus is named The Dim Bulbs.
  • Mr. Mushnick does not appear.
  • The first appearance of Dr. Mightus Appalling and his assistant, Igor. Appalling is loosely based on Albert Einstein; Igor is an amalgam of Frankenstein's monster (who surfaces in later episodes) and Dr. Frankenstein's hunchbacked assistant, Fritz.
  • This is the first episode in which it's implied that Junior has eaten a living creature, a junkyard dog.
  • During the song "Fiber," a man is glimpsed at the science fair who looks suspiciously like Jack Nicholson, an actor who made his movie debut in the original film. This is the first of many cameos, which grow bigger throughout the series.
  • Although they were never romantically involved in the show, Paine admits that he has feelings for Audrey.

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