Veggie Free is a song from the animated Little Shop episode Stage Blight.


Paine Driller The Dim Bulbs
Well, listen up!

Confession time!

Give me an ear, I'll give you my rhyme,

And hear what I'm sayin', cuz I ain't playin',

This is from the heart, got to make a new start!

I used to be one of those veggie guys,

Asparagus and peas with black eyes.

So to speak, I've turned over a brand new leaf,

Now all I wanna know is, where's the beef?

I'm through with all that horse salad thing,

Not a broccoli stalk, not an onion ring!

No more corn, no rice, won't eat no beet,

From here on out, it's only meat!

I admit it, I'm sorry, I made a mistake,

But I'll never again touch a frosted flake.

And that spinach stuff, well shush that, you say?

I never could stand it anyway!

Veggie free! Veggie free!


The way to be, don't ever doubt it!
Veggie free! Veggie free!


I'm just tryin' to do without it.
Veggie free! Veggie free!


Tell all the world about it!
Veggie free! Veggie free!


I'll sing, I'll even shout it!
Veggie free!