WSKID is an extended piece/prelude of Ya Never Know , it contains the Radio Interview between Seymour and the Radio Interviewer. It flows directly into Ya Never Know and was included on the 2003 Broadway Revival Cast Recording .


2003 Revival Cast Recording

Seymour Background Voices Radio Interviewer Mr. Mushnik
Do, Do, Do, Do!
Do, Do, Do, Do!
W S K I D!
Skid Row Radio!
(Spoken) And thus we conclude our interview with Seymour Krelborn,
The young you mind if I call you a genius?
(Spoken) Gosh, no!
The genius who's developed a new breed of plant life hither
to unknown on this planet, the Audrey II!
Oh! One last question, Mr. Krelborn.
Do you feed it anything special?
Uh, no. It's a Secret Formula,
But it's uh, not hard to come by.
I See, well thanks for stopping by,
I'd like to remind our listeners that the Audrey II is on display, It's been a pleasure-
Exclusively at Mushnik's Skid Row Florist Shop,
Open six days a week! Ten to six! Well thank yo-
This has been radio station WSKID (Spoken)The address! The address!

W S K I D!

Mention the addr-
Skid Row Radio!
Oh well, it's still great advertising.