Little Shop
Season 1, Episode 11
Little Shop of Horrors Cartoon - Walk Like a Nerd
Air date November 16, 1991
Written by Barbara Slade
Directed by Karen Peterson
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Walk Like a Nerd is the eleventh episode that Fox aired of the animated Little Shop TV series.


Junior figures out how to stow away in Seymour's body, making the nerd the star of the school. Meanwhile, Audrey finds a new passion, becoming a sports reporter.




  • Burson Fouch plucks and eats the flowers from Igor's head. This may explain why Igor is bald again when glimpsed in Married to the Mush.
  • Jack Nicholson appears as a chef who seems to commit suicide by climbing into a pot of stew - but later in the show, he's seen as a hot dog vendor.


  • Audrey: Did you know if it wasn't for sports writers, we'd never know the score?
  • [Seymour talks to Junior]
    Seymour: From now on, I'll be the best friend a plant ever had! Just say you're not mad anymore! Please?
    Mr. Mushnick: Seymour, I think you're taking this job too seriously. All you have to do is water them, you don't have to make them like you.
  • Junior: Pipe down up there! Can't you see I'm trying to be dormant?
  • Seymour: I find this encouraging. When your day starts out like this, it almost has to get better.
  • Mrs Webster: Come now, Mr. Driller, your dog ate your book report?
    Paine: No, he ate the book.

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